During policy training, the AnyLogic engine may return an error, causing training to fail. This can occur when extremely rare logical errors exist in your AnyLogic simulation. As a rule of thumb, if there's a bug in your model, the policy will find it and exploit it.

To fix the problem, try to reproduce the error back in AnyLogic.

Step 1: Create a brand new CustomExperiment.

Step 2: Add a for loop to the prefilled CustomExperiment code to test every seed.

Make sure you also print the seed after each loop (traceln(seed);).

In most cases, testing seeds 0 - 10,000 is enough to find the error. However, if no errors are uncovered, try testing 100,000 seeds for(int seed = 0; seed < 100000; seed++).

Step 3: Run the CustomExperiment.

Once an error appears, check your AnyLogic console to see which seed caused the problem.

Step 4: In your Simulation Experiment, set the seed to the value found in Step 3 and run the simulation.

This should allow you to reproduce the error.

If you are still unable to reproduce the error in AnyLogic, please contact Pathmind support.

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