This method of exporting to Pathmind is optional. AnyLogic now supports exporting to Pathmind directly from RLExperiment.

Step 1: Export your AnyLogic simulation as a standalone Java application.

Make sure you export the correct Simulation experiment (typically called "Simulation") and click "Finish".

Step 2: Log into your Pathmind account and create a new project.

Navigate to, sign in, and click the + New Project button located at the top right corner of your screen.

Next, give your project a name and click the Create Project button.

Step 3: Upload your AnyLogic simulation.

Click the Upload exported folder button.

A pop up window will appear.

Navigate to the folder created when you exported your AnyLogic simulation as a standalone Java application (described in step 1). By default, AnyLogic names this folder "Export" and it should be located in the same folder as your AnyLogic .alp file.

Click the Upload button. You should see the below.

Once the upload is complete, you will be taken to a success page as shown below.

You may optionally upload your AnyLogic .alp file to track versions of your AnyLogic model. Click Next to skip this step and proceed to writing your reward function.

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