Once you define your action space, you will need to create an "event trigger". The event trigger tells Pathmind when to trigger the next action. 

Use Pathmind Event Trigger - Enable or disable using the checkbox.

First Occurrence - The time in which the first trigger should occur.
Recurrence - The frequency at which the event condition will be evaluated. Once per second is the default.
Event Condition - Must return true (trigger action) or false (do not trigger action).

Option 1 - Trigger Actions Cyclically 

Let's say that the event condition is set to true as shown in the screenshot above. This means that an agent will try to perform an action once per second. 

Option 2 - Trigger Actions Conditionally

You can also trigger an action based on a condition (true  or false). The recurrence time determines how often this condition is checked. An action is triggered when the criteria that you define here are met. 

Option 3 - Trigger Actions Directly Within Your Code

In some cases, you may prefer to trigger actions directly in your simulation. First, disable the Pathmind event trigger. 

Next, call pathmindHelper.triggerNextAction(); directly in your model.

For example, in the above, an action (e.g. a decision point) is only triggered whenever an agent enters a particular block in your simulation. However, an event trigger could be a block, a state, an event, on startup of an agent, or anything else.

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